150w 10 32v к 12 35v dc dc повышающий

Model: 03100236 - Color: Blue + silver - Material: PCB - Power: 150W - Module properties: Non-isolated module - Input Voltage: 8~32V - Input Current: 16A Max. (please enhance heat dissipation if over 8A) - Output voltage :9~46V (adjustable default output 19V) - Output current: 8A Max. (please enhance heat dissipation if over 4A) - Static operating current: 15mA (12V to 20V) - Output power: 90W(natural cooling) 150W(enhance heat dissipation ) - Capacitance: 2x 470uF/35V(input) ; 2x 330uF/50V(output) - Operating temperature: -40~85'C - Working frequency: 380KHz - Conversion efficiency: up to 95% - Operating LED indicator: Yes - Short circuit protection: None - Input reverse polarity protection: None (If need please install diode at input port ) - Installation: 4x 3mm screws - Wiring: Terminals Needn't solder V-IN input V-OUT output - Module size: 60mm x 50mm x 20mm - Testing: - 16V to 19V output current 3A efficiency 94% - 12V to 20V output current 5A efficiency 89.5% - 12V to 30V output current 3A efficiency 89.2% - 24V to 42V output current 3A efficiency 95.2% - Suitable for Car power DIY project provide power supply for laptop PDA or other deigital device

DC-DC converter DC12V(9-14V) to DC15V 10A 150W
DC-DC converter DC12V(9-14V) to DC15V 10A 150W

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